"Into a Timeless Realm" - the Movie!

based on the book, "Into a Timeless Realm" by Michael Roads
script by Donna Klewer
Timeless Realm Productions, LLC

Light-hearted, yet thought provoking, this true story of a mystical journey appeals to a wide audience of people who like contemplating the deeper metaphysical meaning of life, as well as myth, science fiction and fantasy. The deeper messages leave us feeling empowered and uplifted, and are pertinent to our changing times, both culturally and scientifically.

Into A Timeless Realm, summary:

Traveling in his Light Body, Michael merges with the elements of nature, and experiences the connectedness of all life!  Michael then meets with friends in other dimensions who explain that humanity is going through an Awakening, and in a world of infinite possibilities… how wonderful it is to choose Love!

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Movie Log Lines

Michael finds himself drawn to a teacher who guides him on a mystical adventure that changes his life forever!

Join Michael on a mystical adventure as he discovers a Universe of infinite possibilities, and how wonderful it is to choose Love!

Join Michael on a mystical adventure into a Timeless Realm,
where he discovers, he is, we all are, multidimensional Beings in a Universe of infinite possibilities.

If you are looking to make a movie that will have a positive impact on the world... this is it!