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Greetings  Earthlings!

Thanks, Dax Ritter, for a great recording session!

Thanks, Rick Macchia, for a great recording session!

Thank you for sharing your JOY !

Bonnie and Russel Boulding
Kit Boulding and Petra, Tallis and Robin

The Baker Family

Thank you for a productive April shoot!

Phil Fiscus
Joel Watson
Jeff Albertson
Robyn Mai

Thank you to Ryukyu Kyusho Family Martial Arts
for your wonderful Urban Fight Scene!
Winnie Cheung
Sarah Greene
Lacey Hooie
Emily Little
Michael Melfi   
Andrew Meyer
Matt Miller
David Rhodes
Jacob Spangler
Sarah Truax

Joel Watson, QuyEn Mai -  Cameras

Thank you to Monroe County Martial Arts for letting us use your wonderful space! 

THANK YOU ALL for a fun shoot (the Sword Fight Scene):
Steve Scott, Jonas Schrodt,
Jacob Drummond, Noah Like,
Joel Watson, QuyEn Mai, Susan Sunami

ABOUT the movie:  “Into a Timeless Realm”, is a true story of Michael Road’s first out-of-body Light Journey into metaphysical realms.  He is taught the deeper nature of life, and is shown two potential futures for Earth- one where we choose seperation and fear, and one where we choose Love. 

These ideas can change our world!

Peace and Love to ALL!

We have experienced difficulty with text not appearing on mobil phones, so we are experimenting with different text color.  Please send us a webshot if you have difficulty.  Thanks!

Thank you Erin Masterson!